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Using the IOP-29 to Evaluate the Credibility of Cognitive and Psychiatric Problems

Friday, May 17, 2019     

Alliant International University
San Diego Campus

Instructors: Luciano Giromini Ph.D. and Donald Viglione Ph.D., ABAP

The Inventory of Problems – 29 is a new, brief, self-report, malingering-related measure designed to assist practitioners evaluating the credibility of various symptom presentations, including those related to (1) depression/anxiety, (2) psychosis/schizophrenia, (3) post-traumatic reactions, and (4) neuropsychological/intellectual dysfunction. It is comprised of 29 items, administrable via classic, paper-and-pencil format, or online, using a tablet or a PC. By analyzing the responses to each of these 29 items, a logistic regression-derived formula generates the False Disorder Probability Score (FDS), a probability value reflecting the likelihood of drawing that specific IOP-29 from a group of experimental feigners versus a group of bona fide patients. This half-day workshop will describe the research foundation for using the IOP-29 in forensic evaluations and will present some guidelines for its use in applied practice.

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