These classes are part of Alliant's commitment to the creation of a culture that supports addiction recovery and increases knowledge, understanding and professionalism in the support and treatment of addicted people and their families.
Uncovering Hidden Addictions: An Update on Alcohol, Gambling, Eating, and Shopping
Timothy Fong, M.D.,
Heidi Hartston, PhD.,
Nancy Piotrowski, PhD,
Susan Raeburn, PhD, ~ 5 Hrs

Women and Addiction
Joan Zweben, PhD
4 CE credit hours
Online Courses

Trauma of Addiction and Recovery: Paradoxes of Transformational Change
Stephanie Brown, PhD ~ 7 Hrs

Available Online
Understanding and Treating Addictive Disorders - Online
Joan Zweben, PhD ~ 15 Hrs

Avaiable Online
  DL-024a - Online - Part I  $200.00
  DL-024b - Online - Part II  $200.00